Rena NicoleHi! I’m Rena Nicole!

I started GreenRena with the goal of making a positive and lasting impact in this world. I am well-aware that this is quite a lofty aspiration, but I am determined to fulfill this dream.

Take a look around, it is not hard to see that we are living in a dying planet. And this website, along with the Green Rena Mag-e-zine and The Rena Nicole Show aims to spread awareness to this inescapable reality–the realities of environmental degradation. Additionally, it is also determined to promote empowerment through information on how we can change things for the better.

I want to communicate and connect with the active members of the Green community; but more importantly, I want to ignite change in the lives of the majority who have not yet lived the beautiful Green life.

Here at GreenRena, you can expect to find fresh and valuable information that will help you spark a change in your life, your community and the world at large.

Your go-to-girl for all things green,
Rena Nicole

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