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Home Remedies on how to get rid of skin tags

The scientific names of skin tags are achrochordon, pendulum fibroma, soft fibroma, templeton skin tags and so on. These growths are not harmful to our body.

These tags can be seen typically in any area or part of the body, but mainly they appear on underarms, the lower part of the bust, upper part of the chest and neck; generally they are triggered where there is rapid rubbing of skin with skin. They have no particular shape, and are composed of duct, fatty cells, and fibers covered with skin.
Skin tags are common with middle age individuals who are suffering from excessive weight and diabetes, and with pregnant women. These skin tags can appear in both men and women.


Causes of skin tags:

  • Tons of blood vessels are stuck in the inner bits of the skin, resulting in skin tags.
  • Skin rubbing takes place in armpits, so the skin folds up and leads to skin tags.
  • The primary reason for skin tags is that it is hereditary.

Procedure how to get rid of skin tags:
Skin tags are really not harmful but if you feel uneasy about them, don’t shave or rub with the towel, which will only cause irritation. Here are some treatments you can use to eliminate skin tags.

  • By using warmth you can eliminate tags, specifically by burning, using electrolysis.
  • By inducing blood circulation around the skin tag.
  • By using liquid nitrogen.

Above treatments must be performed by a trained clinical dermatologist.

1. Ginger – Take raw ginger, cut into pieces and massage it on skin tags daily for up to 2 weeks. The tags will fall off gradually.

how to get rid of skin tags

2. Nail clipper – Tags can be eliminated using scissors or nail clippers. Pulling the tag away from the skin layer may create complications like infection and bleeding, so sterilize the clippers and the area around the skin tags with isopropyl. Then keep the ice and pull the skin tags off.

how to get rid of skin tags
3. Pineapple – Take pineapple juice and use it on the afflicted location 3 times in a day. Do this 7 to 10 days without rinsing it off.

how to get rid of skin tags
4. Red onion juice – Take red onion and cut it into slices, then keep it in a compartment with salt for 8-10 hours. The next morning make juice with that mix and in the evening, use this juice on the skin tags. Leave it on over night and cleanse off the next morning. Do this process every evening for 10 days.

how to get rid of skin tags
5. Banana cover – Take banana peel and apply it on damaged area, then cover up with plasters and leave on overnight. In the morning take out the plaster and rinse it off with water. Repeat this every night till the skin tag is easily cut off from skin.

how to get rid of skin tags
6. Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is the best, most suitable remedy for removing skin tags. Apply a dab of cider vinegar on a cotton ball and apply it on the afflicted area. It may cause some pain for a few minutes. Repeat this process 25 to 45 days to make your skin tags disappear completely.

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