Help Heal Our Planet with Born To Backpack


Every day, more and more plastics are being thrown out to almost every corner of this earth by people all around the world. It is one of the major problems that our world is facing today and the worst part is that there seems to be no concrete solution that will address it. Being aware of what the world is really going through can help us discover how we can help our planet heal, even in our own little way.

Recycling is by far the most effective way to fight the increasing number of plastics. Through recycling, we can put already-used plastics to better use. It can help cut down the huge problem with the amount of post-consumer plastics that are being used each day. If only people would really take recycling seriously, the world will not suffer as much as it is suffering from the effects of the increasing amount of plastic waste today.

Since we are already talking about recycling plastics, I bet you’ve heard about Alex Navarrete and Crystal May Bodell. You haven’t?! Well, you’ve got to know that Alex and Crystal are two of the very few people who take recycling and taking care of our planet very seriously. They are the founders of Born to Backpack and spend each day of their life helping the world become a better place to live in. How? They make T-shirts that are made of 50% organically grown Texas cotton and 50% recycled post-consumer plastics. With every T-shirt that they make, 3 pieces of 20 oz. plastic bottles are being subtracted from our planet!—how awesome is that?!

The best thing about the shirts from Born to Backpack is that they are made from 100% environmentally-friendly materials. The farm that grows the cotton is found in Texas and everything that they do to produce it is through all-natural ways. From the soil that is being used to grow the cotton, the fewest processes are involved, and until it is being harvested, everything is being done in an old-fashioned and traditional way. There are absolutely no chemicals involved, all natural. They even use natural predators to combat bugs that can damage the cotton—there’s nothing more natural than that!

This is a great example of how one can help the planet. Instead of these plastics hanging around for a long period of time in landfills and oceans, the people of Born to Backpack have found a better solution by creating something out of them. They are not just helping the planet heal, but also helping all those who are living in it. By buying a shirt from Born to Backpack, you can give back to our planet by helping lessen plastic waste, and add to your fashion sense. Plus, your purchases will go to companies that share our passion for a healthier and greener planet. Check out our bio of Born to Backpack here!


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