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If you’re looking for a periodical with an planetary perspective, one that is more open than the most popular of mainstream fringe media, then GreenRena is the magazine for you.  Not only is the content more focused on the topics that you value as a global contributor, we also tap into the stories behind the successes of the alternative practices people and businesses are making as they gain eco-consciousness. As a human being, you want not just one alternative, but many more to make your life decisions from. You want more variety and a broader perspective. GreenRena Magazine has given you multiple-choice answers to what you’ve been wanting, and none of the answers are wrong.

  • How can I be the healthiest I can be and live to be a centenarian?
  • What about allergies and food sensitivities? Will they go away if I change my diet?
  • If I’m in Germany, where can I go to get a plant-based meal?
  • Is there a reliable 100% kinetic or electric car out there somewhere?
  • Should I be living completely off-grid?
  • When will we be allowed to install composting toilets?
  • Where can I go to do an environmental stewardship?

And there are so many more questions that you have that we want to answer.

…So stay tuned, subscribe to GreenRena and be a part of the conversation to bring this planet back to its green state. A portion of your subscription is donated to Our Conservation Partners

  • World Land Trust
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  • World Wildlife Fund

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